Navigating digital banking, learn about fraud, and more


Banking fraud has continued to rise throughout the years. Let’s look at a few of the latest scams out there that Great Rivers Bank customers should be aware of.

Email scams- You receive an email stating that you have a package with UPS that needs to be delivered. There is a link that they ask you to click to verify your address. DO NOT CLICK! Move that finger away and delete the email. Scammers are trying to get you to click on the link that usually downloads malicious viruses to your device. Do not open unexpected or “too good to be true” emails.

Phone scams- You receive a phone call stating that someone has placed an order in your name on your “XYZ” account for a large dollar sum. If you do not wish to allow the charge to go through you will need to give them your log in credentials to such site so that they can verify your identity and get the transaction stopped. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION! If you do, they could be the ones going into your account and ordering merchandise with your money. Some scammers also have a way to disguise their phone number to appear to be the same as our bank phone number. When in doubt, hang up and call the bank directly to assure you are talking with a true bank employee.

Computer Scams- While surfing the web you see a pop up from a popular company stating that they have detected a virus on your device. You click on the pop up and they start a conversation through chat or have you call them from your phone. They then manipulate you into allowing them access to your computer so that they can remove the virus for a fee. If you provide your debit card number that is where the cycle begins. You pay now then in a few months they call you back stating that they have detected another virus and you will need to pay again to have this one removed. These are hackers out to get your money! These are just a few scams that are out there today. DO NOT FALL VICTIM!! Educate yourself and your family members. Ask questions from someone at your bank. Great Rivers Bank has an Electronic Services Department that is willing to assist you in these situations. Give us a call 217-335-2393 Option 1.